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For over 20 years, Gemological Laboratory Services has remained at a competitive advantage by leveraging the latest in technology to provide a premium service for clients. The changes in technology came both in the lab and on the web. WebWeave worked with GLS to create a new website experience allowing clients to learn about the services they provide. Along with their main site, we worked with GLS to create both an appraisal verification system and a fully custom customer portal.

We delivered

While working with GLS, we came up with a design that would provide valuable information to clients so that they can set their expectations prior to visiting the lab. This has led to a valuable user experience both online and during the in-person visit.

To provide more value, GLS was looking for a way for user's to be able to verify their appraisals and for clients to have a web portal to access their appraisals. Our team was able to create a custom solution for both, creating an even more sticky experience for their loyal customer base.

Through our constant optimizations, the GLS website has consistently decreased load times leading to better search engine optimization (SEO).

We are proud to be hosting GLS on the WebWeave owned infrastructure, allowing them to scale as needed.
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