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Zypto approached us with a challenge: off-board them from their previous engineering team and onboard the WebWeave team to provide them with engineering excellence for custom web app development and ensure best project management practices.

We delivered

Our team of engineers stepped up to the challenge and was able to onboard quickly and provide value immediately to the Zypto team.

By leveraging ClickUp, the WebWeave PM team was able to transform the Zypto development process to create efficient processes to deliver high quality code at realistic timelines.

Through the various code optimizations of our engineering team, the Zypto web application is running faster than ever before. This has led to better user experiences and an expansion of their user base.

WebWeave, after a deep dive into the Zypto infrastructure, was able to move the application to a less complex environment allowing for a reduction in cost without any performance decreases.
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