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Before working with WebWeave, Armenian Bar Association did not have an optimized solution for online membership management. Our team was able to build their system from the ground up leading to YoY growth in annual recurring revenue while also providing them with custom development solutions and web hosting.


The Armenian Bar Association was formed in 1989 to provide an arena for lawyers of Armenian heritage to come together socially and professionally and to address the legal concerns of the Armenian community. With the creation of an independent Republic of Armenia, the Association undertook the task of helping to build and encourage the growth of democratic institutions in Armenia.

The Armenian Bar Association is a forum in which attorneys with different backgrounds and at different stages of their careers share their expertise and insight. Such an exchange of experience and knowledge forms the backbone of the Association’s dual goals of professional growth and community advancement. This sharing finds expression in the liaison work of the Association in supporting the emergence of a rule of law society in the Republic of Armenia.


Before partnering with WebWeave, the Armenian Bar Association faced several challenges related to its online presence and the management of its membership. One of the main issues was the lack of an online method for registering and paying for membership on a recurring basis, which made it difficult for the Association to efficiently manage its member base. The organization’s website also had an outdated design that was not user-friendly or visually appealing.

In addition, there was no membership directory available online, which made it difficult for members to connect with each other and share resources. There was also no way to collect payments for events online, which led to high fees when using other platforms. The Association struggled to share documents generated from the organization, and there was no way for individuals to receive notifications about important updates or events. Finally, there were no great analytics or reporting tools in place to track the performance of the website and the organization’s online activities. These challenges hindered the Armenian Bar Association’s ability to effectively serve its members and grow its membership base.


When the Armenian Bar Association joined forces with WebWeave, the company was able to address the various challenges it faced with its online presence. One of the key solutions was the development of a new membership registration system that allowed for automatic recurring payments. This made it easier for the Association to manage its member base and streamline its membership processes.

In addition to the new registration system, WebWeave also provided a new modern and responsive website design that was tailored to the needs of the Association’s audience. An event management system was also added, which allowed for the collection of payments for events and helped to save on fees.

To generate additional revenue, WebWeave custom developed a method for the Association to collect payments from sponsorships. A directory was also added, providing members with a way to view and connect with each other. New analytics and reporting functionality was also implemented, giving the Association insights into the performance of its website and online activities.

Finally, WebWeave hosted the Association’s infrastructure using robust solutions that allowed for scale and speed. These solutions helped to improve the overall user experience and ensure that the Association’s website was able to handle the demands of its audience.


Since partnering with WebWeave, the Armenian Bar Association has seen significant improvements in its online presence and membership management. One of the key results has been the addition of over one thousand new members who have registered on the site, demonstrating the value of the Association’s services and the ease of use of the new registration system.

There has also been a year-over-year growth in annual recurring revenue, thanks in part to the new methods for collecting payments from sponsorships and the implementation of a new event management system. The Association has hosted more than 5 major events using the home-grown event system, saving them over 7% in fees.

In terms of online visibility, the Association’s search engine optimization has increased, and the website now ranks on over two thousand keywords. This has helped to increase the reach and visibility of the Association’s content and services. Additionally, the Association has gained over 500 subscribers for web push notifications, allowing it to effectively communicate with its audience and keep them informed about important updates and events. Overall, these results demonstrate the value of the solutions provided by WebWeave and the impact they have had on the Armenian Bar Association.

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